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“”The favorite has got to be
EzineArticles, at the time of writing, has a pagerank of 6, is easy to use and draws in a steady flow of traffic.
You can include live links within the article body, not just the resource section, providing the links are not within the first three paragraphs.
With EzineArticles, once you submit at least 10 articles, you become a ‘platinum’ level author which, aside from the perceived superior status, means that your articles get reviewed quicker.
The site also provides very decent statistics of each article.””ArticleAlley has a pagerank of 5.
It is a reasonable site to use. Modifying articles takes approximately twice as long to do as should be necessary.
What I don’t like about ArticleAlley is the fact that they attach a standard ‘About the Author’ section to each article.
This means that you have each article linking to one page, probably your homepage.
It would be better to link each article to a related article on your website.”” has a pagerank of 4.
It is a rather busy site, aesthetically speaking, and the author login area is tucked away a little bit too well on the left hand side of the page.
To see the page views of each article you actually have to go TO the article, i.e. there is not an article stats section.
There are options to add photographs and also, you may include live links within the article body.”” also has an excellent pagerank of 6.
What is rather nice about ArticleCity is that you can submit an article without first registering an account.
When starting out with article marketing, opening all those accounts, waiting for the conformation email and all those tedious necessities can be very annoying, so to come across a site for which you don’t need to register and receive a password, is a relief.
You also get the option of submitting articles in bulk which can save time if you have a lot to submit in one go.
What is NOT good about this system is that you cannot then find your articles again if you should need to edit them.””Same story again with ArticleBiz.
High pagerank of 6, no need to register first but then, finding and modifying your articles again is an impossibility.
It is worth submitting your articles here all the same, as the site is well respected, well ranked and well trafficked.This is not the full list of article directories which I use. It is a mere handful.
If you would like to see the full list, click on the following link to my website to read: “Website Copywriter- Reviews Article Directory” [].

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Home Business ReviewWorking from home could be a great way to earn an extra income while doing something you love.Establish a solid business plan with the help of a professional if necessary. Your goal is to make your ideas more concrete by figuring out how you are going to make a profit and how you will reach out to your customers among other things. Being enthusiastic about your project is important, but keep in mind that your motivation is not enough to guarantee the success of your business. Find out if there is really an audience for your products and make sure you will be able to afford reasonable prices and beat your competitors. If you cannot come up with a solid business plan, think about selling different products.Learn more about online businesses. If you work from home, the Internet will probably be your best option to get in touch with your customers. Familiarize yourself with different internet marketing techniques and with search engine optimization. You will need to target your audience and find out what your potential customers do on the Internet so you can expose them to your products. Create a site or blog filled with quality content and get in touch with other webmasters and bloggers to exchange links and content. Use social networks, mailing lists and message boards to stay in touch with your customers and learn more about them.Always be polite and professional with everyone. You need to establish a solid reputation as an expert in your field. Send out articles to different magazines and newspapers and get your content featured on various sites and blogs. If someone is interested in buying your products, you should be able to close the sale quickly. On the other hand, if someone is more hesitant, keep talking to them and give them your contact information. Do not be insistent and do not push your products to someone who is obviously not interested.There are a multitude of things to consider before starting your home business. Get organized to ensure that you do not overlook anything important. Making lists can make it easier to conquer the mountain of necessary steps you need to take before you can start your own home business. Use the following guidelines to get started on the things you need to do in order to start your home business.Build your business around a specific niche that you are qualified to handle. Use your past experience, education and knowledge to increase your chance for success. Utilize your natural talents and abilities to start your business and run it efficiently.Keep your business accounts separate from your personal accounts. Pay yourself a salary and any personal money that is put into the business should be accounted for as a personal loan. You should be the only person who has access to your bank accounts.Buy any office equipment or supplies you will need to run your business. A regular home computer may not have all the functions and memory required to handle all your business needs. Have some business cards and company stationary printed up for advertising purposes. Have a backup supply of office supplies so you will not have to run out in the middle of work to buy necessary supplies.Design and launch a website for your business. Use search engine optimization techniques to increase the visibility of your website. Register your domain name with the major search engines and business directories. Try to build relationships with other webmasters with whom you can share links. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and contains accurate information.Being a small business owner may give you some freedom but it can be extremely stressful and financially risky. Take care of all the necessary requirements before jumping into your home business. These tips can certainly help you get started.

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When you’re looking to join a home based business is very important for you to find and utilize home business reviews before you make a final decision. The reason this is very important because in a review you’re going to be able to know everything that you need to know about the business and this can help you in making the decision. Remember that the more information you gather the better the decision is going to be so make sure you dedicate the time necessary to gathering information. In this article you are going to learn the best way to locate these reviews.One of the basic ways to find out and locate these reviews is to go on the search engine known as Google and type in the name of the specific home based business that you’re looking for followed by the word review. By doing this you’re going to be able to encounter a lot of information that could help you in making your decision. The key is to read and understand each piece of information that you encounter and take notes on it.Another great way to approach this is to talk to people who have been involved in the opportunity that you’re looking in to because this way you will be able to see their opinion and is actually giving you a first hand look into their experience with the company.Once you have gathered all this information and is your job to take a look at it, understand it and make a final decision based on all the home business review you have just come across with.

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When you go online to start looking for a legitimate home based business, you may run across some reviews of Cruise to Cash Home Business which may spark some curiosity. So, what exactly is the Cruise to Cash Opportunity and is it a viable option for your home business goals? Well to save you some time, I have compiled some facts and research, so here is the Cruise to Cash Business review with facts about the company, products and, most importantly, how their business is run.Company Background:Cruise to Cash was founded in 2008 by David D’Arcangelo and Implix, owners of GetResponse, Website Wizared and Talkstream, companies you may have also heard of.Products: As you can probably tell by the name of the company, Cruise to Cash deals with selling vacation packages including various weekend getaways and cruises.Business and Compensation Plan:As you may have also read in other reviews of Cruise to Cash Home Business, there are two levels that members can join in at, including a Weekender level at $447 and a Cruiser lever at $997. The Cruise to Cash business opportunity is what is known as an Australian 2-Up program, which means that before you can make any money yourself, you must first “pass-up” your first two sales to your sponsor in order to become qualified to earn your own commissions. After that you break away from your sponsor.From what I have seen with my experience in the home business and online marketing industry, the things that can be a challenge for anyone attempting to earn an income with this company and what always seems to be the most common conclusion in most reviews of Cruise to Cash home business, is that there is just so much competition in the vacation industry. There are so many people trying to sell vacation packages and because the ones offered through this particular company are so common it can be very difficult to stand out in such a competitive industry.Pass-Up Programs:The other huge thing you will find mentioned in most reviews of Cruise to Cash home business is that to have to pass up even one sale let alone two can prove to be very frustrating for most people. When you first get started in any home business, the key is create momentum and excitement as quickly as possible and passing up sales usually proves to do just the opposite by draining the wind from your sales when it is needed the most. It is also important to create a feeling of teamwork with any truly successful home business, but unfortunately the pass-up business program presents difficulty in this area when sales are passed up and then people are breaking away from their sponsors, because the sponsors will loose that direct financial incentive to continue to work with the people they recruit and need to just move on to the next person.So, my best suggestion would be to look for a viable and automated Online system that has the resources and tools to be able to train you to create a profitable home business with simple but effective online marketing techniques that will brand you as an expert so that people will seek you out and come flocking to your websites or blogs. It is so important, if you really want to earn a significant income from your home business, that you learn the most important skills that are necessary for your success, including keyword research, article and video marketing and how to implement the top strategies into your marketing campaigns. So in order to create a solid and lucrative home business career, be sure to look for an impressive Online Marketing Training and Mentoring Program as well as a competitive compensation plan that will allow you to earn up to $900 in both direct sales and Matching Override Bonuses.Home Business success is not easy but it is very possible and can be very simple, you just have to find the right vehicle to help you get there!

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With the layoffs and decrease in jobs across the world, more and more people are coming up with ways to make money from home looking at home business reviews. There is your at-home-marketer. Their job is to come up with ways to market different objects. Whether it is a different type of computer software, or a new vitamin or drug to help weight loss – when doing research on many types of online jobs available you will find web pages covering home business reviews. A review website helps to figure out what type of home business will be good for you to invest in.Some types of at home jobs are based on data entry or web writing. The data entry jobs are sometimes medical billing, emailing people for a company, writing blurbs and articles. You can even write your own home business reviews on Internet jobs and working from home. Research any job that you find online that interests you. There are some scams out there. Beware jobs that you have to pay for ahead of time or that have a repeat monthly fee to be part of their network.There are more elaborate way to work from home. Utilizing home business reviews you can examine what types of websites are top visited websites. What kind of web page will draw lots of attention? Most of the time people visit the Internet for learning. They want to know some information about a product or about a group of products to determine which is better. So if you do an informative web site you could possibly draw a lot of clicks per minute. A click per minute is how many times the average person clicks the mouse to a new page or on an ad on a web page. The clicks per minute are how they determine what to pay web site providers.The pros of owning your own at home business are the hours and the flexibility. With owning your own business your time is your own. If you want to work like crazy and build up your money so that you have the last two weeks of the month off you can. You are your own boss. If you want to be up with your kids in the morning and work a couple of hours at night there is no one to tell you that you have to do the work now. It really works in your favor. Remember to always research your interests in Internet jobs on home business reviews. Get the right information from people ‘in the trenches’ doing it; running their own online business successfully from home.

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The use of peer review articles in marketing research is a really good way to find information. There are a lot of articles out there that were created by marketing peers and the competition. Let us take a look at three ways you can use this information to your benefit.1) Company Information – When you begin to start looking up these articles you will almost always see an article or other informational page that is from the company you are researching. This is a great way to get the official story straight from the horse’s mouth. They will promote themselves and put their best foot forward in this process, but it is a good base line to go by.2) Information Comparison – The other types of articles will allow you to compare the information you found on the company’s page with the competitors. The market is full of different people vying for the same business and they are happy to point out how they are different from their competition. You will get a much wider understanding about the market if you take time to browse all of the competition.3) The Untold Story – Very near the original company and the competition you may find a page or two from someone who was unhappy with the company. They may be a disgruntled ex employee or a customer who feels they were slighted in some way. You will want to take this information with a grain of salt, but what better way to understand the downside of a business than to see what these people are saying. These types of articles might save you a lot of grief. If you see a lot of these, you know you are looking at a potentially bad situation.Peer review articles can make all the difference in marketing research. The opportunity to look at a subject from all angles is invaluable. Do your research and make sure you have covered your bases before you get involved with a company. The mentoring and education just has to be there if you are going to succeed.

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Do you really need your own Home Based Information Products Marketing Business?Hey, if you are among the super rich like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, or if you are a celebrity like Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher, you probably don’t need your own home based business in order to survive.Yes, even though poor Charlie was fired from Two and a Half Men, he was very well paid for a long time at about 2 million dollars per episode and probably has a few bucks tucked away for a rainy day. And how about Charlie Sheen’s replacement, Ashton Kutcher? At a reported salary of 700,000 dollars per episode plus incentives, I don’t think he needs a home based business in order to stay afloat.So, if you are a celebrity or among the super rich, you probably don’t need to start your own home based information marketing business.But, how about the rest of us?I believe we should all be starting and building our own home based information products marketing business. Even if we have a good job right now. Even if you start it just as a sideline to earn extra money.In this terrible economy, and even before the economy tanked, millions of people found out that a good job can disappear in a minute like a puff of smoke. I found that out myself three times in my career.Wouldn’t you rather be prepared for that, by having your own home based business to fall back on if you need to?Maybe the job you have now isn’t so good, or you really don’t like it and you would love to have the freedom to just say goodbye and go do your own thing.Or, you might be retired, or soon-to-be-retired, and you are wondering how you are going to supplement your meager Social Security Checks.A good home based information products marketing business can help you do all of that. That’s why I believe you do need your own home based information marketing business.Millions of people dream about starting their own home based business. Are you one of those millions? It’s great if you are, but please don’t be like many of the dreamers who either chase after every new “opportunity” and never really succeed, or dream and dream, but never start. Or, they do start some kind of home business and then give up too soon. Success doesn’t come as fast as they expected so they lose hope, or don’t know what to do next.If you dream of having your own home business, you can finally start a legitimate home business that has the best chance of being successful.Why wait any longer?Imagine being able to focus on one good home based business, information products marketing, so you can stop wasting your time and money trying out every new “opportunity” that sounds good. Imagine starting your own info-products marketing home based business and becoming successful in it.You may be asking “Can I Be Successful With My Own Home Based Information Products Marketing Business?”I believe you can! But, you have to do it. I can’t do it for you. All I can do is help you along the way with articles like this, and to ask you take a look at the many information products marketing related websites and blogs on the internet. Just do a Google search, for example, using the search term “information products marketing home based business”. Review the information provided by the websites that result from your search and then get started.Just listen to a few examples of people very much like you who started with little or nothing and earned a good part-time income, or even mega-bucks marketing information:I’m a prime example as someone who moonlighted and made some nice part-time extra income with information marketing. I was working for a division of a medium-sized company as their Marketing Manager. I decided I had to do something on the side so I could eventually get out of the corporate rat race.One of the things I enjoyed doing in my spare time was painting with oil paints or acrylic paint. Over the years, I had found several good ways to save money on art and craft supplies and decided to help other artists and craftspeople do the same. So I wrote and self-published a little 32 page booklet titled “How To Save Up To 60 Percent On Art And Craft Supplies”. It cost me 50 cents to print and I sold it for 5 dollars. During a few years I sold almost 8,000 copies and earned 39,213 dollars in revenue. I’m no Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher, so I really enjoyed the extra money.A classic example of someone who earned a fortune in information marketing (a lot more than I made) is Joe Karbo. Joe was one of the people who inspired me to start my own information marketing side business.Joe was facing bankruptcy when he lost his high paying job. He talked to several attorneys to see how he could avoid a bankruptcy. In the process he learned how to negotiate with his creditors and decided to write a book, “The Power of Money Management”, which he sold using direct response ads in local newspapers and magazines in the Southern California area. The book was a success overnight and Joe avoided bankruptcy.Later, during the mid 70’s, he wrote another book in only six weeks that has become an American Classic…”The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches”. He sold almost three million copies at 10 dollars each. I bought a copy and I loved it.Ted Nicholas, another information marketing millionaire, tells the story of Matt Furry. Matt is someone who followed Ted’s example. Matt began his Internet business in 1995. He was 50,000 dollars in debt. He had to scrape together 317 dollars to buy one of Ted’s home-study courses. Ted used the headline “You a Millionaire Writer?” in his ad for the course, which intrigued Matt enough to buy it.Ted says that so far, Matt has sold an amazing 30 million dollars worth of information products on the Internet. Ted describes Matt’s company as lean and mean with no employees and no debt. Wow! That inspires me. How about you?Dan Kennedy, a small business marketing expert, tells the story of someone he knows who runs a 750 thousand dollars a year information business literally off of a kitchen table, just selling information to pot-bellied pig owners. How’s that for a niche that sure doesn’t sound like it could support that level of business?Tim Kerber, a membership site expert, uses one of his “student’s” experience as a case study of what can be done with information marketing membership sites. His student is Carrie Wilkerson. Carrie is a mom who started her business with no online experience and a 3-week-old baby on her arm. Carrie is now considered an expert in her own right, is a popular public speaker, has 10,000 people on her list of prospects and customers, and was reported to be on track to make six figures in her first year. And she did all this in less than a year.I could go on forever with information marketing success story after success story. I love being inspired by others who have done it. But, this is enough for you to get the idea. Even though I know, and you know, these results aren’t typical, you can see that with some degree of skills and abilities, a good work ethic, focus, persistence, and action, success is possible.You can do it!Selling information has been described by information marketer Terry Dean as the most exciting and rewarding business any entrepreneur can, or ever will be, involved with.Millions of dollars worth of information products are being sold every single day throughout the world. Most of the major success stories online involve selling information in one form or another.OK. How about you?If you are not Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher, Isn’t it time you started on your own success journey as an “Infopreneur?”

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Brand new leads are essential to your business success. If you don’t have a consistent stream of people to talk to your business will quickly fail.There are a lot of ways to get leads on line: pay per click advertising, banner advertising, social networking, forums, list builders, video marketing, classified ads and writing articles.Writing articles is one of the best ways to promote your networking opportunity on line. Articles create the much coveted back links that raise your seo rankings as well as leading readers straight to your site when they connect with what you have to say.However there are other, less talked about reasons to use article marketing to develop your MLM business and generate leads.Readers Get to Know, Like and Trust YouArticle marketing allows you to present your distinctive thoughts and converse in your authentic voice. When a person becomes involved with your articles they can feel like they already know something about you. They instantly get to know, like and trust you. This can easily turn a mildly curious reader into a warm prospect who enrolls in your MLM opportunity.Articles Let You Feature Your KnowledgeIf you write articles about topics that you are already passionate about your enthusiasm and proficiency will be evident to your readers. People are easily attracted to those who portray themselves as leaders.Leaders are positive and inspirational. Let that be evident in your writing especially when talking about subjects that you are good at.Leaders have competencies that they can show others. What are you so good at that you can easily reveal to others through an article?Teaching skills through writing articles raises your usefulness in the eyes of your leads, allows you to more easily connect with others and positions you as a leaderWiden Your Information On Targeted IdeasWriting articles gives you a unique opportunity to explore subjects that you are interested in but know little about. Then you can share your revelations with your readers.Is there an MLM company that you want to know more about? Research it and write a review article about it.Is there an industry leader that you applaud? Interview him/her and write an article about their trials and tribulations on the road to success.Is there a marketing technique that you want to try but don’t know much about? Write an article about when and why you should use the particular technique. Then write a follow-up article showcasing your results. Or even a series of articles.Article marketing is one of the finest ways to engage your readers (potential prospects) and allow them to get to know you.

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So you want to start an online business. Great decision! This is becoming much easier to do. You can easily set everything up in an afternoon. Once you are setup, you can start making money. Sound good? In this article, I will discuss the steps necessary to get you up and running in your online business.First, you need a website. This is where you will send traffic or people to your products and services. Creating a website is easy. You can get simple website building tools to create your pages. Many of these programs are user-friendly and affordable. In some cases you only need a domain name. These can cost anywhere between $6 and $13 per year.Second, you need to pick the products and services you want to sell. If you want to save time and money, you may decide to become an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate, you can promote products and services and earn a decent commission. In some cases, you can earn up to 75 percent commissions. Pretty cool, huh? I recommend that you begin your online career as an affiliate. It’s fast and easy. is a great affiliate marketplace… and it’s free to sign up!Third, you need to put content on your website or place advertising to promote your products. You can write a review article of a product and put your affiliate link within the article. When people purchase the product after reading your review, you make money. It’s really that simple. You can promote physical products at This is a wonderful marketplace that allows you to pick and choose the products you want to promote.Every piece of content you put online is like your personal employee. The content will sell your affiliate products for you. All you need to do is produce the content. People will find your article, read it and decide whether or not they want to move forward with their purchase. So, you are essentially helping people make the decision to buy. How cool is that?As you can probably see by now, making money with an internet based business is not that complicated. However, you must learn the tools of your trade. Conduct some more research into what markets you would like to get involved with. You can pretty much choose whatever suits you. Make it a great day! And get out there and learn some cool stuff.

Five Great Ideas For Your Next Article – Business Review Article

It’s amazing how quickly free articles can generatetraffic – my traffic sometimes triples within 24 hoursof releasing a new article.But if free articles are your main marketingtechnique, you may run into a problem – how to come upwith new ideas.Yesterday an interviewer asked me in an email: “Howdoes someone come up with topic ideas? What do youdo, for example?”This was my reply:The key to coming up with topic ideas for yourarticles is to be very aware of what you yourself arelearning. As you know, e-commerce is a huge area andwe’re all learning new things every day. Every timeyou learn something new, write a short article aboutit. Because there are almost certainly other peoplewho are going to have to learn what you just learnedand your article is going to make it much easier forthem to get that information.The other thing to do is pay close attention to thequestions people ask you. For example, I had aquestion last week from a man in the UK who wantedto know how to use articles to promote an affiliate link.So I answered his question and then wrote an articletitled: ‘How To Boost Your Affiliate Sales With FreeArticles’.You may notice that I’m using this technique here.Yesterday someone asked me a question and today I’mwriting an article about it. It’s that simple!Here are five great ideas for your next article:(1) Write a Book/Product ReviewThis is an endless source of new articles. Every timeyou see a new eBook, write to the author and ask ifyou can have a ‘review copy’ (this is also anexcellent way to get free copies of the latest neweBooks).Writing a book review is really very easy – justsummarize the points that most impressed you. You cansee some examples of book reviews at: Do an InterviewContact a well-known figure on the Internet and askhim or her if you could interview them by email. There’san art to doing a good interview and the best way to learnis to look at other interviews: Write a Business News ArticleSubscribe to one of the Internet News services, clippingagencies, or Press Release services and use the informationyou receive to write articles on the latest developments in yourindustry field.Here are some websites that specialize in Internet Business News:[] Write an AnecdoteHave you had a strange or frustrating experience onthe Internet, or have you made a big mistake that youlearned from (people love reading about other people’smistakes). Write about it!(5) Write a ‘How To’ articleThese kind of articles are always in demand. And itdoesn’t have to be very long – five tips that you’vepicked up in the last month on some aspect of runningan online business. Maybe you learned how to choose aweb host, how to choose a list server, how to dealwith spam, how to get better results from your Newsletter,or how to succeed with affiliate programs? Why not sharethose tips with others?I hope these ideas have given you food for your next articleand the next surge of free traffic to your website!